Thursday, 5 February 2009

a sad loss

my sanity, no that's not completely gone yet but give this 40+ heat a day or two more. i'm talking about a tree. as you know i live next to a park which sounds great doesn't it? it's not as good as it sounds. firstly there are dogs and their very early rising owners. make that early rising and noisy. it's them and the dog at 6.00 am. why is it necessary to talk to the dog so loudly at that hour i ask myself? then there are the kids (and their owners, sorry i mean parents) they make slightly more noise than the dog owners. before i start to sound like a complete old grump, once i looked out of my bedroom window and a couple had laid a picnic on the grass below, they were reading and relaxing on a blanket and pillows. it looked very romantic until they started to argue, loudly. once there was a beautiful fairy birthday party with lots of little girls in pink and their mums, also in pink, with balloons and cakes and lots of netting (pink) decorations. i wish i was invited. :) then there are the trees. four of the most wonderful trees you've ever seen (i don't know what they are, i'll take a pic) and two aussie natives that were outside my window. actually there was another one ages ago in the middle but that fell over one dark and stormy night. the trees that were outside my window hardly gave my bedroom any badly needed shade in the summer time. they were a bit sad really and a bit sparse. nothing special really. now the reason for the title of my post tonight. one fell down. probably from the dry earth but that's just a guess. now there's only one trying it's hardest to keep the late afternoon sun from heating my bedroom. well it's not doing a very good job really. they took the poor dead thing away today. cleared it all away, now there's just a bit of extra view of the cemetery to enjoy ??? i've asked the council to plant some more trees but they won't. wouldn't you think that would be a priority in this day and age? maybe i should contact the trees for life. they'd help me. so that's the sad loss, it's not important really when there are far more important issues in the world but i really would like another tree or two planted in the park next door.


  1. Yes I heard many trees were just expiring from the heat. Maybe you need to be a tree guerrilla and go and plant some hardy natives in the middle of the night.

  2. That is a sad loss. I can feel your sorrow. Can you plant trees on your side of the fence?

  3. thanks for your sympathy and helpful hints. :)


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