Wednesday, 11 February 2009

marbles amongst other things

i'm sitting here with my feet in a bucket of soapy water with a lot of marbles in the bottom. instant shiatsu foot spa. phoebe from work recommended it. i like it. i'm very tired and my chest hurts. the other night at yoga i stretched my arms which were interlocked at the time over my head and i got this massive pain around my chest like a cramp or stitch. it went away after half an hour or so so i didn't think too much about it but it's hurting today. i've obviously pulled a muscle or something and i'm sure it will go away soon. it's cold in adelaide tonight, i'm hoping for an early night but liyana is coming tomorrow night after work and i have to clean so i don't think it will happen but you never know. water in bucket is getting cold so i'm off to watch the mentalist.


  1. This yoga stuff sounds way too painful....Hope it heals quickly...Hasn`t it been cool over the past few days...Much prefer this kind of weather...

  2. Hi Fran
    Love the idea of the marbles in the foot spa! Must try it myself. Could save me money on my regular treatments.
    Hope the injury heals. I love yoga and have found since retiring that $4 get me Tai Chi on Mondays and Yoga on Wednesdays. Great value! Good for me also...

  3. Chez, $4 yoga. sounds good. i rang about tai chi today, i used to do it years ago. they are going to send me some info. chest feels heaps better today. Mandy, i hope the weather stays reasonable and doesn't heat up again, not like before at least. have a great weekend girls. :)

  4. that marbles + water idea is awesome!

  5. Another one of the things I had hoarded over the years was a footspa....didnt quite do it for me - hubby gave me the 'look ' when the hard rubbish collection came last year - and no-one even pinched it while awaiting pickup!

    I do like the look of the chairs with footspas at the base - you know the sort in the the fake nail places.....

    I keep eye-ing off all the pilates clinics that are taking over my suburb - tried yoga at the WEA once and the lady was telling me off too much....

  6. Its ages since I did yoga but I enjoyed it then. Take it easy and rest those damaged muscles it can take a while for them to mend.


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