Wednesday, 25 February 2009

what a nice day i've had

it's my first day on part time hours. i've gone from full time to .8 which means i work four days a week instead of five. big pay cut but tax should be much less (let's hope so anyway). firstly an explosion at 2.00 am. was it a dream? no it was real as there were voices and more noises afterwards. i don't know what it was but i woke and my poor little heart was going really fast. i finally went back to sleep and my son came over as promised and we've shifted my bedroom around. the bad part is i have to go through my stuff and as you know there's a lot of it. clothes mostly. another bad thing, i had some fave pants but put them away coz they were too small, i was going to donate them to the second hand shop. they almost fit me again. i'm very bloated atm but i've been eating the wrong stuff as usual and voila it's coming back. so go slow and think before i eat (sorry, note to self). i went to physio and had acupuncture. feel great. went to shops and got pumpkin sushi for lunch. wow, fantastic. i had a cappuccino which bloated me again. i got some nice white musk incense which i'm burning inside instead of near the front door outside. so far so good (allergies). i got some mint tea and some organic ginger and lemongrass tea. my fave. just got home and it seems that although it's going to be 39 degrees tomorrow there will be a change and only 34 friday. now that doesn't sound like good news but it's better than 41 as previously forecast. so that's my day so far. quite good. it's back to work tomorrow and friday but then it's the weekend. enjoy the rest of your day.


  1. Hi Fran, good to hear you still have a job...So many lay offs happening around the place...
    You won`t believe it but Monday I had a huge clean out of clothes myself...Krystal`s mine and Daniel`s ...5 garbage bags full...Salvo`s will be loving it as a lot were like brand new...Daughter wanted a garage sale but i just can`t be bothered with that these days....
    I agree about the weather..I`ll be glad to see the back end of summer...
    Boring old meatloaf for tea tonight...Haven`t had it in ages actually so good for a change...Usually it`s

  2. Nice to hear you had a happy day. lets hope they keep coming.

  3. hi mandy and diane, i know about the job situation atm as my son was just retrenched. very sad. found out that a car was set alight and exploded this morning. bloody hell.

  4. It sucks when you get woken up by an explosion in the early hours as I have had it happen to me a few times.

  5. hi Jo-Anne, yes it was scary. hope you are well and things are ok.


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