Friday, 6 February 2009

a lost lettuce and annnnnnnticccccccipaaaaaation

how can you lose a lettuce? i've managed nicely thank you. it was in my fridge (natch) and now it isn't. i put some in a salad the other day and now i can't find it. maybe i threw it out or it's rotting somewhere in the kitchen (it's a small kitchen), maybe i put in the the cupboard. i'll let you know if i find it. and as for the other part of my title, the cool change is expected at lunch time tomorrow. i can cope with this, less than 24 hours to go, it's easy, sleep downstairs tonight and stay in the lounge room (air con) until lunch time and then open the house. i can feel the cool breeze now.


  1. I lost the white plastic insert that sits in the bottom of my plastic lettuce keeper.(bowl)Maybe it is with your lettuce.

  2. they probably ran away together and are out there somewhere getting it on and looking for some salad dressing action. a little vinaigrette maybe? it's late, can you tell? :)

  3. lol....
    How on earth have you lost a lettuce Fran....
    You`re not one of those people who snack in their sleep now are you???
    Can`t wait for the cool change either...It`s a stinker out there today...Only good thing is i`m getting all my washing dried quickly....

  4. hi mandy, i'm impressed that you have the energy to do the washing. i've cleaned out the fridge and made a toasted sandwich for lunch, oh yes, i had a nana nap. that's it. going to shower and go to Liyana's place for dvds and pizza soon. tomorrow my energy will return and i'll clean this messy house. :) Fran

  5. Fran maybe the lettuce has miraculously appeared by now. Do you actually like lettuce? Sometimes I don't mind it and other times it tastes like rabbit food.
    Do hope the weather changes for us all. Real soon!


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