Thursday, 5 February 2009

kiwi fruit, ants and perfume

i bought a kiwi fruit yesterday. it came all the way from italy. ??? yesterday i had millions (i counted them) of ants in my kitchen which is not terribly unusual this time of the year. i put down some antrid and voila they are gone ........... to my car. yes my car has ants which makes for interesting driving. i may go and see benjamin button on saturday and i'm hoping to see the grandchildren as i haven't seen them for nearly two weeks. only 33 in adelaide today but tomorrow back to 4o before a much cooler week next week. the floods in queensland are on the news again and i feel for the people up there trying to cope with the damage to their homes and properties. don't ya just love living in australia? the other two bottles of perfume arrived from the us yesterday so that's good news. i smell great again ahhhh


  1. Maybe the ants like the perfume. I've seen bejamin britton It was OK but I'm not into unrealistic movies I'm such a bore.

  2. Hi Fran....At the moment I think I would much rather be up in

    We had ants in the car also...Heading for the glove box...Some little bugger left empty chocolate wrappers in there....
    The kids went and saw that movie and they loved it....

    Well only 1 and a half days until the cool change...Not before time....


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