Tuesday, 17 February 2009

yoga week 2

last week lulled me into thinking i could do this. this week it was hard. we are building up to do the salutation to the sun. i can't do it. it's hard. i hate it. it hurts. but... i know i have to keep trying otherwise i'll never get stronger/better. i have no aches and pains and slept really soundly except that i woke too early and couldn't get back to sleep so i'm tired (and grumpy). :( must practice throughout the week as i think once a week is just not enough. i've decided not to watch morning tv as i get ready for work coz it's just major lame. i can't stand it anymore. who is worse koshy or karl? i can't choose. who do you watch? i'm listening to nina simone instead. much better for me than that dribble. i'm not sure but i think it rained last night.


  1. No TV before work it numbs the brain, that is what we tell the kids at school. Those kids who do physical activity before school perform better and are mucher quicker at thinking than those who watch TV. Stick with the yoga but take it steadily.

  2. yes, you are right Diane. it's a brain number

  3. I don`t watch tv at all during the day...My problem is this damn computer...lol....
    My daughter is now talking about taking up yoga...Another passing fad I would presume...
    We didn`t get any rain here..Dry as a bone...Hope we see some soon though...


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