Wednesday, 17 December 2008


i love acca dacca. i'm watching a special on the teev atm. they've still got it. i'm in a real cleaning mood. it happens occasionally. i feel snowed under by clutter and plan to do something about it when i have some time off over Christmas. i'm also stiff and sore, legs mostly, so feel i must do something about that too namely some exercise. i'm so slack, after my shoulder surgery and months of therapy and exercise i have slacked off and it's really hurting again. it's so unfair. move it or lose it they say and i'm afraid it's true. i'm looking for a yoga class nearby because although i have 3000 instructional dvds on the subject i find it hard to keep up the momentum of doing exercise alone. me and a few thousand others i suspect. well, Mandy will be leaving tomorrow for her well earned hols so happy holidays Mandy, come back safe and have fun. i'm planning to henna my hair sometime soon. i hope i can talk my son into doing it for me. he coloured my hair last time and did a great job. better than my daughter. he was so careful and took his time. he does his partner's and is very good at it. henna is very messy and a long process. you have to leave it on for hours after wrapping your head in plastic wrap. maybe one of the African shops do it. apparently you need to mix it the night before as it take time to develop. well, my kitchen floor must be dry by now so i'm off to put a few more things in order and then bed.


  1. Yevisha you are sounding 'just like Christmas.' Love it!

    Good luck with the hair colouring. I do remember those days. Now I have greyed gracefully and use only a 'silver' shampoo to keep the colour 'right' It is just soo...easy!
    Shops are a nightmare and I can imagine how much worse it will be knowing that you are returning because a a piece of plastic....
    Have a good one!

  2. Good old acca dacca. Thye seem to have a much broader fans base now than they did years ago.

    I did the big clean today. Nothing else to do as it has been raining non-stop here for the past 5 days and there is no way I'm going anywhere near the shops..... Unfortunately this means the house is clean and the animals are all banished outside as they are wet and muddy. As soon as I let them in again, there goes clean house!

    Good luck with the henna. I remember how slow and messy it can be.


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