Wednesday, 24 December 2008

a meal to forget (hopefully)

yuck yuck yuck. i just heated up a lean cuisine for tea. wait for it ... beef sausages and mashed potato. sounds yummy doesn't it? let me tell you i have never had such a disgusting meal in my life. oh, ok, some of my parents in law's dinners were pretty gross. (i loved my parents in law but cooking was not their forte, think grey unrecognisable veggies and meat things ... too gross to mention, they did a nice ((if slightly overcooked)) roast though). before i had my shoulder surgery i cooked lots and put meals in my small freezer. great habit. cook a meal put half in the freezer. come home from work and just heat it up. great. well, the other night in the supermarket i went nuts and bought two lean cuisines. big mistake. they have their place in a single working full time woman's life but they usually leave me hungry and are not super tasty. well, this sausages and mash meal surpassed disgusting and i couldn't eat it, and for me that's something. so i had a banana and some devine italian chocolate hearts with some delish indonesian coffee. now that's better. i'm watching one of my fave shows: food safari on sbs. i love cooking shows/dvds, so relaxing. have a great Christmas day tomorrow everyone.


  1. Evening Fran. Thanks for the warning! No Lean Cuisine Sausages & Mash for me.
    Instead I will continue to eat zucchini, green beans and parsley made into a broth. Must admit, surprised that I am still doing it after 4 days. Do feel better for it..
    I have just turned SBS off to listen to a CD although I normally love the cooking shows..
    May your day be sunny and bright tomorrow. Hope Santa is good to you. LOL

  2. Hi Fran...I have never bought any ...No good for a family of this size....It always looks so tasty on the packaging though...Wonder if you could hit them for false

    You have a wonderful day tomorrow and hope the fat man is generous to you...

  3. hi Chez, your broth sounds lovely and healthy. Mandy, i know it is false advertising. they are nothing like they appear on the box. the taste leaves a lot to be desired too


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