Thursday, 11 December 2008


my son gave me a voucher last christmas from an aquarium place because i wanted some goldfish for the pond. good son. i'm going tonight after work to get a fish. the voucher runs out on the 15th. leaving it a bit late? yes. why? because the aquarium is on the other side of town. not that far away but i just don't get down that way very often. obviously. i thought i'd get a siamese fighting fish. i've got the bowl already. it's a nicely sized bowl. i hate to see those poor little fish in those tiny bowls. they even had a bloody ipod with a fish (live) in it. really!


  1. Love the siamese fighters Fran....

    We had one for over a year....Don`t know why it died suddenly but they are pretty....

    A fish in an IPOD.....Very

  2. I saw that ipod thingy - so cruel with the water heating up from the ipod as well.

    What are people thinking???


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