Friday, 26 December 2008

jewellery and ebay

i've been beading most of the day. i'm fixing some necklaces Liyana got in egypt. they are too long and according to her get lost in her cleavage. i said she's lucky to have cleavage. i realised today, oh ok, i knew this already, that i have millions and millions of beads. if i live to be 202 i couldn't possible use them all. i'm like this with hair products too, sort of a compulsive buying thing. how many hair products can a person use? one at a time would be sensible. my mother use to get a store of things like tea, soap etc. she grew up in the depression and these things were in short supply. she also had, when she died, a lot of stuff with the price tags still attached. she loved books and records (yes, vinyl discs that played music and got scratched very easily). she said to me once, i've just bought the latest book by 'insert author' but i'm going to put it away and not read it yet and save it for later after i've done this, this and this. such a waste imo. i know i've said this before, probably last new year's but i really need to quell my spending on stuff i've already got enough of. i collect Buddha’s, cats, chinese ginger jars, books, cds/dvds and a huge range of stuff. it's staggering. no wonder my life feels cluttered and i haven't even mentioned clothes and handbags. today i decided to remove the digit and sell stuff on ebay. i've got an antique phone on the kitchen table waiting to be photographed. i will do it today. yes i will.


  1. I`ve decided that myself today Fran...After all the unneccessary cleaning I had to endure today ...I stood back and looked at all the nic nacs and just shook my head...What have I

  2. Sounds like a good idea.I have stamp collections, coin collections and postcard collection which I want to sell on ebay, but I have to work out how to do it first.


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