Thursday, 11 December 2008

i am no longer petless. is that a word?

well i have a pet finally. it's a blue siamese fighter fish. apparently they only live for three years. that can't be right can it? that might be why my last one died, it was old age. :( i got a little tank and some food and some gravel. i can't decide whether to call him zimmerman, after bobby, or, dustin, after dustin nguyen. i'll sleep on it. i also bought myself a present. it's a pink pepper grinder. i've got one already but it's ordinary. i need a garlic crusher but forgot to get one.


  1. Feisty little fellows....I should get a pink pepper grinder also to match my pink shoes!!

  2. you can never have too much pink in your life.

  3. Congratulations on the extension of your family!

    I have always, ALWAYS had fish in our home. In tanks insdie, ponds outside. They breed bazillions of little babies which we give away to repopulate the fish world.

    I had 2 beautiful fish here, until abut a month ago when a pair of Kookaburras moved into the backyard. No more fish.


  4. Well done...Glad to hear you travelled to get the fish....

    Gotta have that pink.....My loungeroom is pink and Krystal`s room is pink....LOVE
    Bought myself a wooden spoon finally the other day...Good quality one so it WON`T break....hahaha


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