Tuesday, 30 December 2008


hello, it's been a little while since my last post. christmas and the weekend were busy, my grandson stayed over saturday night. we always have fun together, he's 11 now. he told me he's starting puberty and he's a young man now. awwww. they had their presents and turkey for lunch. i actually put two presents away because i bought them so much. it's ridiculous, their grandmother buys them lots, their mother buys them lots and i buy them lots. crazy to give them so many toys and the toys are expensive. the baby born doll was nearly $50.00 for heaven's sake. so i have their b/day presents and let's face it they didn't miss a toy each. they were more than pleased with their loot. santa was very generous. i had to take Anthony back to kmart because santa bought him two transformers which were the same. the girl behind the counter was great, she humoured us although i'm sure ants doesn't believe in santa anymore. the kids at school tell them really early these days don't they? kids aren't kids long enough, these days they want to grow up so fast, i'm sure my mother never said the same about me hahaha. i'm not working this week so am pottering around at home. i cleaned out my kitchen drawers yesterday, they weren't as bad as i thought. i've started on my filing system today. omg it's a mess. i've got to chuck stuff out and declutter. funny that word wasn't around a few years ago and now there are websites about decluttering. i'm still planning to put stuff on ebay, i started but need some more photos. it's not a hard process just time consuming. i'll get the hang of it i suppose. how exciting to actually sell something that you no longer need and get some extra money. usually i give everything i don't want to my daughter or the second hand shop so of course, her life/house is cluttered. she's moving back in with her partner in the next few days, luckily she doesn't have far to travel, it's just around the corner. trouble is she's going to have far too much stuff and will take forever to get some sort of order if at all. she's not very organised.


  1. That`s the trouble Fran, we do tend to spoil the kids don`t we???...lol

    Had to take one of Daniel`s presents back myself today as it`s not working...Couldn`t replace it because they had sold out so we went Christmas shopping all over again...Much to my delight...lol

    You`re supposed to be on holiday, resting, feet up drinking coctails...Not working and decluttering.....

  2. I'm with Mandy, Its holiday time not declutter time, although my neighbour is cleaning out her garage. I'm not I'm being lazy.
    Happy New Year


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