Sunday, 14 December 2008


last night i had pizza and watched the mummy 3 at Liyana's place. pizza was very nice, in fact, i just had a slice for breakfast. we stopped the movie about a third of the way through because it was just BAD. we are both major brendan fans and we couldn't stand it. it was painful. so..... we put mama mia on as i hadn't seen it at the movies and it was great. loved it. L has seen it about six times now. it's out on video. she has a wide screen tv so it was good. we had coffee and double chocolate tim tams for dessert and watched bellydance dvds (she's a bd teacher). that was good too :)
i went to munno para shopping centre yesterday and had a disastrous day with my daughter. it was hideous. she left and i went back to get some presents, when i got to the checkout i discovered i'd left my card in my jeans which were at home. bad day. i'm planning on going to the shops today. wish me luck


  1. Morning Fran...I always say pizza tastes better in the morning....

    Haven`t seen Mama Mia yet...Krystal said it was good so it might be on the agenda...

    Oh dear sounds like the shopping day was a disaster.....I`m thankful I have it all out the way now....Hasn`t Munno Para shopping centre changed over the years....
    I couldn`t believe the amount of shops there now....I said to hubby why couldn`t it have been like that when we lived out

  2. good morning Mandy, yes, go and see mama mia. it's great. you are not silly getting everything out of the way early. my friend just said the shops are open till 9 every night next week. i don't know if it's true. that would be good. have a nice sunday

  3. They probably are Fran...Usually they do this a week before Xmas....
    My daughter says that they aren`t doing the midnight shopping this year...Not enough money being spent by people...I don`t mind though as I hate having to wait up this late to take my daughter to work....

    House is finally in oreder today...I got all the washing done and it even dried...That`s a bonus....

    Now it`s the list for the kids...I do hope they behave....

  4. all your shopping done, washing dried and the house is in order. you really know how to make me feel lazy. i got some shopping done and cooked chicken and that's about it. oh yes, i gardened a bit. the rain eased off a bit this arvo. i still have the kids to buy for. i packed all the gifts for my sister, i'll post them in the morning and i finally got my work secret santa gift done. yay i'm going to watch national lampoon's christmas 2. i hope it's good coz the first one is a classic. :) midnight shopping, i don't know if i'm up for that. going to kmart after work tomorrow night, that should be fun or not

  5. I am doing the rounds tonight and it feels good to be able to spend sometime on the computer without having people complain.

    At the moment I am watching Die Hard 4 with hubby we are both big Bruce Willis fans.

  6. hi Jo-Anne, what a a coincidence, i was just reading your blog. bruce is good. this national lampoon's movie sux so am going to bed. i'm pooped. :< thanks for visiting

  7. Hi Fran,

    Yes I've refuse to see the Mummy 3 as I heard it was way below the usual standard - ie: crappola. AND they don't have Rachel Weiss in it - smart girl I think.

    Pizza, yummmmm.....


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