Saturday, 20 December 2008


i've mentioned this just recently and i'm drowning in it. discs seem to be one of my main problems. i have thousands of the little suckers. what to do with them is the problem as i've tried most ways to store them. the folders with plastic inserts just got too bulky to close, stacking them didn't work as there's too many. the one storage solution i do like is little boxes. i also have a prob. with boxes, hundreds of them around the house too. i got a label maker. i like tins to store things in too, got lots of those. i'm trying to concentrate on one room at a time as this seems like a logical thing to do. however ... things are not going as smoothly as i'd hoped. i've managed to put away (read hide) things but now the problem remains of going through them, sorting etc etc. too hard.
i made curried sausages today as we had our secret santa breakfast yesterday and had mountains of food left over. i brought some sausages home and cooked them up in a spicey malaysian curry thingy. speaking of malaysian, i went to the market last night after work (no parking problems) as i had to drop off a friend. i couldn't help myself and indulged in some malaysian satays even though i'd been grazing all day. i also had a nice glass of dry white when i got home. i have been home all day today which is a rare luxury for me. an exhausting week just gone i can only hope that next week, being a short one, is much calmer. we close early on christmas eve and then i don't go back to work until the 5th january. yay. as previously stated i plan to clean. that's the plan anyway.


  1. No cleaning it is party time!
    I know a way to store clutter. Hire a mini skip and fill it and a truck will come and take it all away and you can start again.
    Thanks for calling into my blog.

  2. Tis hard to sort out the hoarded stuff and harder to get rid of it....
    lizzie B.

  3. Oh boy! Boxes, tins and containers. I have loads of them too. I set myself the task of sorting about one hour each day. Have not actually done it at this stage. The New Year! Maybe!!
    Malaysian Satay! Love it! How great to be able to go the the markets and pick it up so easily.
    We lived in Singapore for 5 years and I absolutely adore Malaysian food. My mouth is watering..

  4. diane, you have a point, if you don't have this stuff you don't have to deal with it. i'm thinking buddhist monks here. makes sense doesn't it? lizzie, yes hard indeed, and chez, i'm going to make that my new year's resolution. one hour a day. maybe half an hour or maybe once a week. i'll figure it out :_


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